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Josh Rimer
205 – 4390 Dawson St.
Burnaby, BC   V5C 4B6

Phone: (778) 300-8942
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I have a pretty unique job title. I find that every time I meet someone new and tell them what I do, the first response is always “what’s that?”.

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  • Hi, I'm Josh Rimer - welcome to my channel!

    If you're new to my channel I hope you'll subscribe so you can have a laugh with me every week! I mainly do song parodies, viral video spoofs, and interviews with big YouTubers. Oh, and I'm gay so I also tend to do a lot of comedy stuff themed around that. :-D Connect with me at the following links... Facebook: Instagram: Pinterest: Twitter: Blog: Find Josh Rimer on Vine...
    LINK: Click Here