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Tonie Snell

Birth Date: October 29, 1970
( Scorpio )
   48 years old

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Tonie Snell (MszJobMingler)
United States

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About Me:
Diversity JobMingler | Workplace Equality Advocate | Trailblazer
(Female) Founder/CEO and Chief JobMingler of 925HIRE, LLC. I've been in the Staffing Industry for almost 15 years, along with being a Mom of 5 [Mama Dukes), Grandmother of 9 [The Nonnie), Partner to the most Brilliant Woman ever, K-9 Pet Parent of 3, Avid Reader, News Junkie, Social Media Marketing Enthusiast and Great Music/Food/Drink Lover.

My passion center arounds helping organizations to appreciate the business case of diversity and establishing diversity hiring initiatives within their respective workplaces to compete in an ever-changing global marketplace.


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