Real Estate App Development: All-inclusive guide to pave light in your path
Real Estate App Development Guide: Making Property buying & selling easy

Introduction Part What is the market coverage of the online real estate industry? What are the Top Competitive Real Estate Mobile Apps What are the significant benefits of Having a Real Estate Mobile App What are the required Features to Build a Feature-Rich Real Estate Mobile App Once upon a time, there was a dependency on the agents to sell or buy the property, house, or place because buying & selling a house is the most crucial factor in someone’s life. In past buying & selling was dedicatedly focused on the availability of the real estate agent’s time to visit properties to rent, purchase, or get prospective customers to visit their properties. Also, people spend months, perhaps years, combining through listings, comparing prices, calculating interest rates, most of all, analyzing the future value of making such a humongous investment.

But, But, But time has shifted towards modernization and shifted drastically ever since the entry of Millennial in the real estate picture.

That time when the millennial entered into the picture, it has brought several changes in the industry, just like their presence’s impact on all the industries.

Just like everything people else in life, people look to the help of technology when talking about this gigantic decision. With a truly useful, well designed, and feature-rich real estate app, you can tap into an ever-growing, a highly profitable market that is genuinely looking for disruption.

Let’s See the Glimpse of Online Real Estate Market

Let's See the Glimpse of Online Real Estate Market

50 % of buyers found their dream home and property through the internet, while 29% found them with the help of real estate agents. Virtual house tours are the most important to buyers that fall within the 53-71 age range. 29% of the home searchers found a real estate agent because of an online home search, and 21% at least drove by a home they saw online. Top Competitive Real Estate Mobile Apps

Statista uncovers the name of top real estate market players that have a huge user base in US, 2019

Top Competitive Real Estate Mobile App Development Company

Zillow led the ranking, with approximately 36 million unique monthly visitors Trulia is the second most popular real estate website with around 23 million monthly visits, Yahoo! Homes comes in third with around 20 million monthly visits. Benefits of Having Real Estate Mobile App

As, we have looked up the stats of top market players of real estate mobile apps like Zillow, Trulia, and Yahoo! Homes, now let’s talk about on the basis of what benefits these top real estate market players have taken the market yet and what benefits a real estate mobile apps & real estate mobile app development can provide to their users.

Progressively Qualified Leads

More Smartphone users henceforth more lead. More leads mean more transformation openings and more income

Published Date: 11/04/2019