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Janice OReilly
Janice OReilly

Birth Date: May 06, 1955
( Taurus )
   63 years old

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Member Level: Rainbow
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Janice OReilly
P.O. Box 33144
Bloomfield Hills, MI   48303


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Year Established: 2009

About Me  About Me: What started out as a simple keepsake for my first grandchild, has since turned into a business that recognizes the diversity within all of us.

"A GIFT THAT WILL LAST FOREVER AND EVER" found at offers you a unique way to find YOUR family and create a truly one of a kind personalized keepsake. As of to-date we have a series of 19 books, and counting. Select from ASIAN, AFRICAN AMERICAN, CAUCASIAN, INTER-RACIAL, LATINO [spanish & english) LGBT and MIDDLE EASTERN families with options for adoption, birth and our newest labor of love, twins!

I love this quote: "There's nothing like the first time you open a book and find yourself".... and I couldn't agree more.


Janice O'Reilly: What were your first impressions about the book when you realized that it was tailored for two Daddies?

Carmello P: I thought it was fantastic! Many of the books we read to Reilly[our son) often speak of Mommy and Daddy. So its great to have something that's this personal and addresses a Daddy and a Papa! Reilly is almost almost 20 months old now and he LOVES to have books read aloud to him.

Janice O'Reilly: When you got to the page that introduced his name, did he recognize it?

Carmello P: Yes, and he pointed to himself and said "Reilly" and then pointed to John and said "Dada" and then me and said "Papa". It was so cute!

Janice O'Reilly: Can you share with us the first time you heard Reilly say "Papa" and "Daddy"?

Carmello P: It was such an emotional moment. It brings tears to my eyes and reminds me of all the reasons why John and I chose to be parents.

Janice O'Reilly: Most personalized baby books focus on the details of the baby. But this book is more about this little bundle of love coming into our lives and bringing us this one time gift. I new that this "gift" had to be captured in a way that would touch the hearts of those who read it. The book's goal it to celebrate the "gift" shared by all families!

Carmello P: It reminds me of how far we have come as a society. Writers, such as yourself whom are not gay, are beginning to address that all families look different and that many children have two dads, two moms or whatever! It's about time we celebrate all "modern" families with a custom book illustrated as uniquely as we all are.

Janice O'Reilly : Couldn't have said it better myself. Thanks Carmello.

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