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Toyota’s 4th Annual Power of Exchange Conference Now Includes LGBT, Veteran and Disability-Owned Certified Agencies
August 09, 2018
When Toyota’s Power of Exchange (POE) conference comes to Dallas this week, it will help connect more than 600 attendees, including diverse suppliers from across the country.
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Chevrolet provides a gay night out at the auto show
February 20, 2014
The evening began hors d'oeuvres and open bar at a private exhibit in the Near West side that features the latest in-vehicle technology from Chevrolet.
| Chicago, IL ARTICLES | Chicago, IL HUB | #GayChicago | @ILoveGayChicago |
| Automotive ARTICLES | Automotive HUB | #GayWheels | @ILoveGayAuto |

GM's Advertising Identity Crisis Hurting Sales
October 18, 2013
National Legal and Policy Center is a nonpartisan foundation promoting ethics in public life through investigation, research, education and legal action.
| Automotive ARTICLES | Automotive HUB | #GayWheels | @ILoveGayAuto |

Adam Bernard: The Car Guy
October 17, 2013
When considering character in these socially progressive times, it'd be impolite to "judge a book by its cover." According to auto aficionado Adam Bernard - associate director of competitor intelligence at General Motors and president of the Lambda Car Club's Motor City chapter - it's much more efficient to judge the book (and its owner) by the car they're driving.
| Automotive ARTICLES | Automotive HUB | #GayWheels | @ILoveGayAuto |

Minority suppliers converge on Chrysler Group headquarters
September 14, 2013
“This enables Chrysler Group to operate efficiently and sustainably, and to bring innovative new products to market that resonate with a diverse customer base.” In...
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| Automotive ARTICLES | Automotive HUB | #GayWheels | @ILoveGayAuto |

AutoNation to insure all legally married couples, regardless of gender or states where they live
August 29, 2013
AutoNation announced Thursday that beginning in January, it will insure the spouses -- both same-sex and opposite sex -- of all legally married employees.
| Ft. Lauderdale, FL ARTICLES | Ft. Lauderdale, FL HUB | #WiltonManors | @ILoveGayFlorida |
| Automotive ARTICLES | Automotive HUB | #GayWheels | @ILoveGayAuto |

Baby, I Can Drive Your Car
August 20, 2013
Many large corporations have mostly targeted young gay men in their LGBT marketing efforts, but LaMuraglia said, “We want to reach all facets of the LGBT community. Lesbians and parents (and lesbian parents!
| New York City, NY ARTICLES | New York City, NY HUB | #GayNYC | @ILoveGayNYC |
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