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The LGBT "TwitterSphere" - How Do You Do It? The Unique Language of Twitter
As the second part of the LGBT TwitterSphere series of articles, this blog post focuses on the HOW of Twitter... how do you do it and how do you make it work for you?  This is key, as a large number of individuals and businesses are posting from Facebook to Twitter automatically, which just doesn't cut it.  Others are focused solely on driving traffic to their websites, and if they are a...
March 20, 2017
   Pink Banana Media
Lesbian blog AfterEllen shutting down after 14 years
Popular lesbian blog AfterEllen is closing down after more than a decade.
September 23, 2016

7 Packed Days of LGBT New Media

These past seven days have brought together an incredible array of LGBT influencers, bloggers, vloggers and YouTube content creators, showing first-hand both the strength and the evolution of LGBT New...
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August 10, 2016

   Pink Banana Media
Outfluential Kickstarter Campaign - Want to help LGBT bloggers and YouTubers?
Check out the Outfluential Campaign, it's awesome. Live on Kickstarter
July 25, 2016
NGLCCNY News Blog: Think Socio
An innovative consulting firm for Procurement, Socio Experiences changes the "administrative function" mindset to one of "business partner," through shared experiences: “It is a development, accountability and sustainability platform to help procurement align with stakeholders and suppliers,” according to Socio partners Gonzo Araya and Jeremy Bellman.
October 09, 2015
LGBT Programmatic Advertising and the Concept of the Ad Network "Waterfall"
We've discussed in previous blog posts about the advent of programmatic ad buying in the LGBT online media world, which allows us to better appreciate how the online advertising market has evolved over the last few years.  Due primarily to the technology of programmatic ad buying and real-time ad bidding, websites large and medium-sized (not small just yet) are able to place their banner ad i...
September 14, 2015
Gay Media Outlets Want to Know: Is This Taco Bell Ad For Real?
Gawker, the Daily Mail and a number of LGBT blogs are wondering whether a leaked Taco Bell commercial featuring a gay couple is real or an
December 27, 2014

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