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#GayWorldNews Featured Content
Ruth Hunt: ‘At university I found other girls who liked girls, cheap alcohol and smoking’
The LGBTQ+ campaigner, 40, talks about growing up gay, becoming a baroness and still longing for a cigarette
May 17, 2020
Stock photos show transgender people in a whole new light — as simply being human
10 transgender people in the UK have just become stock photo models after a collection of images of them was made available on Adobe Stock.
April 10, 2018
The benefits of advertising to LGBT consumers
Data shows that LGBT consumers in the US, UK, and Germany are more likely than the general public to act after seeing an ad
June 10, 2017

Counting the LGBT population: 6% of Europeans identify as LGBT 

"The size of the LGBT community has been notoriously difficult to measure. Most country censuses don’t ask sexual orientation questions, and the surveys that do attempt to accurately quantify th...
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October 19, 2016


Iconic Lesbian Magazine Diva Under New Ownership

Twin Media’s owners and founders are Silke Bader and Linda Riley. Bader is a global leader in lesbian media, owning Curve in the USA and Australia’s LOTL. Riley is the former publisher of ...
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July 07, 2016

A Moving Telecom Ad Tells the Beautiful Story of a Dad Accepting His Gay Son: WATCH
A new ad from Philippines telecom company Smart Communications uses the anxiety some gay people face when they’re ‘out’ on Facebook, yet not to their parents.
July 06, 2016

China’s Most Popular Gay App’s Valuation Exceeds $300 Million after 2 Rounds of Financing

Following the completion of two rounds of financing, Series C and C+, Blued, the most popular gay social-networking app in China, is now valued at over $300 million.
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June 03, 2016

South Africa's First Commercial with a Gay Kiss Has Homophobes Hot and Bothered: VIDEO
"Kiss", South Africa's first commercial with a gay kiss, hit the airwaves in February but we're now hearing about the homophobic heads exploding over it.
May 19, 2016

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