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#GayFoodie Featured Content
Case Study: Queer beer
Queer beers? How can a beer be queer, or gay? Like with "gay wines", there are a number of brands that have positioned themselves as particularly gay-friendly. And I do not mean Heineken, Budweiser, Miller or the other big boys who started to target the gay and lesbian consumers in the 90s.
June 156, 2021
Marketing The Rainbow: Case Study - Gay Wines
In the last two decades, competition in the beverage sector switched between beers, soft drinks, wine coolers and stronger liquids. Wine only joined this circus later. As American attitudes towards gay people have improved - later than in most of the Western world - the presence of "gays in wine", always there but largely invisible, has become clearer: not just in the industry itself, bu...
May 125, 2021

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