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#LGBTBiz Featured Content
Introducing The Queer Cannabis Club: The Industry’s First LGBTQ-Led Consortium
Founded by Farnsworth Fine Cannabis, the new nonprofit debuted at Aspen Gay Ski Week.
January 26, 2022
Marketing the Rainbow: 4 reasons to put your diversity into practice (plus two bonus reasons)
This article is a result of Alfred Verhoeven's PhD Research Marketing the Rainbow, in which he looks at the reasons why and ways how brands and organizations have targeted the LGBT consumers.
January 24, 2022
Case Study: Rainbow Vodkas
The vodka brands have been competing for rainbow attention for decades. One reason for the success of alcoholic drinks in the LGBT market is the higher consumption of alcohol in this group - and unfortunately also the higher prevalence of alcoholism. Another is the preference for more luxury, hence expensive drinks. Finally, due to the limited distribution methods of alcoholic beverages, the resul...
January 22, 2022
Case Study: IKEA
The Swedish global brand has used all elements of the LGBT spectrum (and more) in their campaigns, often in a positive way show to their support, but sometimes in a 'funny' way, that was perceived as hurtful. In any case, it was noticed, both by the community as well as the conservative right
January 15, 2022
Dana Piccoli to manage News Is Out: A Queer Media Collaborative
The experienced writer, editor and content strategist will manage LMA/LMF's sixth collaborative, with initial funding from the Google News Initiative Innovation Challenge.
January 13, 2022
Marketing the Rainbow: The Rules of Market Segmentation
In the battle to find more customers and make more profit, companies have defined new market segments that they believe deserve special attention. One of those segments seems to be the LGBT consumer. But is that a target group that falls within the rules?
January 13, 2022
Fast Moving Consumer Goods and the LGBTQ+ Consumer
In FMCG the average spend per transaction is relatively low, but the repeat purchase can be high, so the total share of wallet can still be substantial if you are able to build a loyal consumer base.
January 10, 2022
Case Study: Stolichnaya
"Stoli is working hard to celebrate the past, to educate the present and make changes for the future," says Gallineaux. In the period 2012-2017 alone, Stoli donated more than $1,000,000 and offered product and on-site event support to over 30 national and local LGBT and ally associations.
December 365, 2021
Stonewall’s First Christmas Campaign ‘Proud Mistletoe’ Calls Attention to Homophobia
According to the UK Government’s National LGBT Survey, 40% of respondents experienced a negative incident in the 12 months before the survey. That number jumps up to rising to 54% for trans people. 
December 354, 2021
Sex Apps for Gay Men Join Forces to Fight Online Insults
A San Francisco-area group that pushes for healthier internet behavior aims to show that being mean isn’t sexy and can lead to mental anguish and unsafe sexual encounters.
December 343, 2021
LGBT Chamber expands into western Mass.
LGBT community leaders and small business owners gathered on Tuesday to welcome the Massachusetts LGBT Chamber of Commerce as it expands into the western half of the state.At a press conference in the Keystone Mill building o
December 342, 2021
Dallas Voice, 6 other publications join just-launched Word Is Out project
Dallas Voice is one of six LGBTQ publications that will be participating in the newly-launched project Word Is Out: The Queer Media Collaborative, a new LGBTQ media venture being funded initially by the Google News Initiative Innovation Challenge. Local Media Foundation announced the launch of the new project on Tuesday, Nov. 16. Nancy Lane, CEO […]
November 322, 2021
“Inclusion Is in Our Ethos” — a Q&A with Civil Jewelry Founder Blakely Thornton
Today we’re talking with Blakely Thornton, the founder of Civil Jewelry, an inclusive and sustainable custom jeweler. Daylight is proud to partner with Civil through our Merchant Rewards Program, which gives you up to 10% cash back for spending at LGBTQ owned and allied businesses. Daylight: Tell us a little about your business and what […]
October 296, 2021
Cathedral City's viral 'Old Gays' meet LGBTQ youth where they are: TikTok
Four friends become internet sensations with 2.5 million followers on TikTok, including Rihanna, Drew Barrymore and Oprah Winfrey.
September 269, 2021
Top Level Design Releases First Year Impact Report for .gay Domains Alongside Second Season of LGBTQ Webseries on Revry TV
Domain registry Top Level Design releases its inaugural Impact Report for .gay domains, covering community impact and giving through 2020.
September 260, 2021
BBC journalists Ben Hunte and Sophia Smith Galer join Vice World News
Vice is stepping up its international news coverage with two BBC hires. Ben Hunte, the BBC’s first LGBT correspondent, and Sophia Smith Galer, the BBC World Service reporter who made a name for herself using TikTok, are joining Vice World News as senior reporters based in London. Vice World News launched last year to build … Continue reading "BBC journalists Ben Hunte and Sophia Smith Galer j...
September 250, 2021
PrideLife Anniversary Fuels New PSA-Like Campaign
The World's Only LGBT-Certified Business Selling Domain Names Calls On Others To Support LGBT-Owned Business - Bringing LGBT-ownership into the domain registrar industry was long overdue back in 2019 when PrideLife initially launched, and our partnership with over two dozen LGBTQ organizations since has helped benefit an underserved consumer group in just two short years. Today, our mission moves ...
September 244, 2021
See you in Atlanta for the IGLTA Convention
I don't know about you, but next week's IGLTA Convention in Atlanta has more meaning than usual... for most of us, it's our first real convention/conference in the "real world" that we'll be attending since COVID struck in March 2020. Talking to other attendees, the build up of anticipation and excitement seems to be already taking hold for those who have made the choice to mask up, get ...
August 242, 2021
What brands can learn from LGBTQ+ storytelling in gaming
LGBTQ+ representation in culture and media has grown significantly over the last several years. Companies that once lacked LGBTQ+ visibility in their creative are now considering how to represent this cohort more regularly. Over the past 32 years, the GLAAD Media Awards have recognized stories that bring positive, accurate […]
August 225, 2021
It’s been one pivot after another for the 19th — the start-up news site about gender and politics
It’s an object lesson in how change demands change, and how to respond.
August 216, 2021
Over the Rainbow: How Brands Can Take Action with Advertising Beyond Pride Month
LGBTQ+ consumers want brands to expand inclusive messaging throughout the year, which can help advertisers build ongoing connections with the community.
July 201, 2021
LGBTQ journalists association honors 'National Coming Out Day' project
Alex Biese led a National Coming Out Day video project that the NLGJA honored with the Excellence in Multimedia Award.
July 196, 2021
4 Post-Pandemic Lessons From LGBTQ+ Small Business Owners
Here's what you need to understand their pandemic situation and how we can all move forward together
July 183, 2021
Tip of the Day: Post Your Press Release On Your Site or Blog
Do you have a story you'd like to share with the world? Don't just send a press release out and hope the story gets covered. Post the story on your website, or a blog that's integrated with your website. Be sure to include some nice imagery, and if there are high-res photos and/or video, link to them in this story as well.
June 177, 2021
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